You Don’t Know Me!

There was this grumpy evil guy who thought I was this horrible person and spoke very badly about me on my page. I never deleted him or his comments because I know deep in my heart that he has this hatred in his soul that only God can heal.

He also has a right to his opinion although my closest friends and SOME relatives know who I am as a human being more than he ever will. That grumpy guy formed his biased opinion of me based on FB which is not even a fraction of who I am. When you are able to except criticism shows you have grown.

On the other hand, people tend to confuse criticism with defamation of character and “constructive” criticism with verbal abuse. I am so blessed to have people in my life that love me so much it makes my heart sing with joy! So, when the devil strikes, trying to rip my character to shreds, always perched in the corner waiting to attack he never wins.

FACEBOOK does not make me who I am. Facebook allows weak minded individuals to believe that I am 100% of what I post. Lastly, no need to get indignant because it’s just Facebook. Get a freaking LIFE!

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“The Game Changer”

Hello World!

I started this blog to market my upcoming book, “The Game Changer”.  The goal of my book is to get down to the bottom of the issues that cause us to keep blaming each other for failed relationships that had no chance in hell from the beginning.  Sadly, we confuse love with lust and it gets us in some sticky situations at times. The topics will be based on some ideas from my book and I will be looking forward to your feedback! Let’s get this party started!

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